Below is an overview of National Antibiotic Prescribing

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Does prescribing match patient risk levels?

This graph splits patients into five groups from the lowest to the highest risk (as assessed by a clinical risk prediction model), and shows the corresponding prescribing rate for each of the groups. Ideally, the majority of the highest risk patients should receive an antibiotic prescription, whereas the majority of the lowest risk patients should not. The red line shows a theoretical ideal prescribing situation, whereas the blue line shows the current state of prescribing in primary care.
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Prescribing Rates Distribution of Primary Care Practices in the UK

Distribution of antibiotic prescribing standardized by 1000 STAR-PUs for 303 UK Primary Care practices. The black dot places an indexed practice from the drop-down menu inside one of the three intervals delimited by colours. Green for prescribing rates below 25% quantile, red for prescribing rates above 75% quantile, and orange for the middle segment. The plot captures nationwide variation in prescribing rates.
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