Antibiotic Prescribing Volume

Below are aggregate summaries that examine aspects of primary care prescribing volume.

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What is the relationship between prescribing volume of antibiotics and other prescriptions?

Positive relationship between volume of incidental antibiotic prescribing and other prescriptions in primary care. The red dot indicates a hypothetical practice in the North West of England. The visual is interactive and enables the user to filter prescribing by year for the period 2000-2014 and by regions in the UK.

What are the primary care drivers of antibiotic prescribing volume?

Drivers of antibiotic prescribing together with their relative contribution. We express relative importance as percentage of explained variation of prescribing rates between primary care practices.

How does monthly volume of primary care prescribing compare with national average?

Monthly volume of prescribing per thousand patients in a primary care practice (red) compared with a national average (green). The 5% and 95% (Q5 and Q95, dotted lines) quantiles are shown to illustrate variation in monthly volume of prescribing.

What is the prescribing category of my practice?

STAR-PU volume of antibiotic prescriptions per thousand patients for 303 General Practices in the UK. The black dot is an example of a hypothetical practice in one of the three areas of the plot that represent low, medium and high prescribing.